We all get swept up in advertising, buying things because they promise to be the best or at least better than everything else out there. Most of the time our new purchase either outright disappoints or falls in the category of “meh,” just another product that may or may not be doing what we expect.

But every now and again we come across something that really wows us, solves our problem in a way that exceeds our (weak) expectations. It’s sad that this happens relatively infrequently, but these winners deserve to be acknowledged and shared with the world.

I’d like to highlight and share three such products, give them a pat on the back and highly recommend them to everyone out there who has become cynical and given up on broken promises. I have nothing to do with these brands, no affiliate relationship or expectation of free coupons for mentioning them. Consider this my simple gift to humanity.

Jergens Ultra Healing Skin Moisturizer

JurgensFirst on the list is Jergens Ultra Healing skin moisturizer. It’s a hand lotion, like dozens of others sold everywhere. Nothing special, right? Well, the skin on the backs of my hands is not happy in cold weather, and when humidity drops as well, it really gets upset. Dries out, gets red in spots, starts to burn a bit then cracks at every knuckle in anger. If you’re like me, you know how that feels.

So a few years ago I tried some Jergens on my hands, expecting nothing more than to soften them and hold off any further damage for a while. I also expected greasy fingers all over my keyboard and desk for the rest of the day.

After rubbing the lotion in for about a minute, my hands were bone dry—not a hint of cream or grease on them. They were also softer and significantly free of the pain that went with the cracks. Now here’s the stunning part: the following day my hands were no longer dry in the low humidity and clearly starting to heal. Another application or two and they were back to normal, crack-free and soft as puppies.

Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover

Tilex mold removerNext on my list is Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover. At first glance it looks like just another bathroom tub and tile cleaner, but it’s a big step above its competition. If you have black mildew stains on your bathroom tile grout, usually in the tub area, definitely give this a try.

First, there’s no need for scrubbing. Seriously. Spray the remover directly on the stains and walk away for about ten minutes. When you return the mildew will be gone—just like that. Rinse the surface off with water and you’re done. And the best part is that the treatment lasts for a while, preventing additional mildew from growing in those spots for a good amount of time.

Now, as your real estate professional I have to post a warning and disclaimer: This product is not designed to rid your house of serious mold, the green and black kind that appears in basements and attics due to excessive moisture in the air. If you experience that or see a light coating of green mold spores on basement or attic surfaces, call a professional service to identify the source and remediate the problem. Not all mold is created equal: Mildew around your tub is annoying. Airborne mold spores in your basement or home can affect your health.


AbrevaMy last “miracle” product is Abreva, the best cold sore medicine in the world (based on my humble opinion). If you don’t experience cold sores, consider yourself lucky and the envy of millions of sufferers. The rest of us know the pain of that unsightly sore on our lip that crops up at the worst time and hangs around for a week or longer.

The bad/good news is that a cold sore announces its arrival with a tingling sensation that grows in discomfort until it blooms like a baby cauliflower on your face. Applying Abreva at the first sign of tingling, and continuing the treatment for several days, effectively kills the virus and prevents an outbreak. Applying it after an outbreak may be a bit late, but will reduce your discomfort and the time until your little visitor is gone.

We all focus on the Big Picture, the Important Things in our lives. But often it’s the little things that matter, tips that help and products that really do what they’re supposed to. If you know of any items that exceed your expectations, share them with me and I’ll include them in a future post about other products that live up to their promise.

Bo Twerdowsky

Real estate agent, self-professed computer geek, grammar policeman, proud father of two. Opinionated, questioning, intolerant of stuffy sorts devoid of a sense of humor.