Being a homeowner is exciting and fulfilling, but you may have all sorts of questions about maintaining your home and real estate in general. Browse my posts for tips and information that will help you answer many of your questions.

Who makes up those development names anyway?

I live in Highgate Manor. My family moved here 30 years ago, and we hardly gave a thought to our development’s name. Who cared. It’s not part of our mailing address and has been useful only in giving locals an idea of where we lived.

“You’re in Kendall Park? Where?”


“Ah, off... Read more »

What's happening to the rental market?

Welp, we had one whole year to recover before 2021 came back with a vengeance. Buyers are experiencing a severe case of déjà vu, while sellers are breathing a big sigh of relief, unless they are buyers as well.

Prospective tenants, those looking to feather their first nest or move into... Read more »

What are closing costs and how much are they?

Buying a home is an expensive proposition. In the Greater Princeton area one can get a condo for $200,000 or a huge colonial for $1,000,000 or something higher or in-between. Whether the purchase is for cash or a mortgaged loan, that cost is high, but it’s not the only expense... Read more »

Is Putin a warning lesson for real estate agents?

Egotism. Lies. Corruption. Fear. Four words that succinctly describe how a once-mighty leader of a world power really screwed the pooch.

It’s no secret that the gestalt of Russia’s leadership and management, from the Kremlin down to the lowest rungs of societal groupings, reflects a blend of negative attributes carefully crafted... Read more »

"Do you accept Section 8?"

As a real estate agent I represent buyers and sellers as well as tenants and landlords. Frequently a prospective tenant will contact me about an available rental they saw on my website or the Internet, and one of the first questions they ask is, “Do you accept Section 8?”

A fair... Read more »

Did you really think 2021 was gone?

Is your head still spinning from 2021? Are you unsure if you’re in a COVID fog, or in denial over what last year’s real estate market did to your very soul? You’re not alone. 2021 was in fact surreal, as you can read in my year-defining post Myst? "

Hey, that’s a bit harsh!

Maybe not so much.

OK, I can see your point.

Myst, my spirit animal

First things first: what the heck is Myst? For you youngsters... Read more »

Is buying a home really a good investment?

You’ve done well saving money, and you now have a substantial amount to invest in—something. You can purchase certificates of deposit or dip your toe in the stock market, but you’re also considering putting the money down as a deposit on a home.

Is it a good idea, though? Aside from... Read more »

Pets stinking up your home? Here's the solution.

Guest post by Greg Wiszniewski from Busy Bee Cleaning Services

Have you seen those “nose-blind” commercials? I have too, and I think it’s true: some pet owners really just live with a stench they’re not aware of. Many dog and cat owners do take precautions to avoid a stinky house, like... Read more »

Can I really evaluate a home's HVAC in thirty seconds?

That’s what I tell my buyer clients as well as sellers who are preparing to put their homes on the market. “Impossible!” you say. “You’re not even a home inspector!”

Evaluate I said, not fully inspect. I’m not passing myself off as a licensed plumber, but simply offering an insight into... Read more »

Is the house you're selling a Shiny Penny?

This has been a strange year for real estate. The selling season began early and with full force, with homes being offered and sold at a healthy clip. But then someone hit the brakes and by May, which is usually a busy month, sales slowed considerably. We can argue about... Read more »

Is there a best time to buy or sell a home?

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, sometimes you don’t have the luxury of deciding when you need to move. A job relocation or school change may dictate when you must find a new place to live. If you’re renting a home, you certainly want to time the purchase of your... Read more »

Looking for new construction for under $600,000? Are you serious?

I get this over and over. And over. Buyers want a recently built, large, immaculate, pimped-out house with a finished basement in South Brunswick or Plainsboro or West Windsor, all for the reasonable price of under $600,000. It’s not happening, folks. That ship sailed years ago. If you’ve been following... Read more »

What homework should I do before contacting a Realtor?

Guest post by Natalie Jones from

Buying or selling a home is a daunting prospect, even if it isn’t your first venture into the real estate market. There’s long been debate over how much and what exactly you should do before reaching out to a Realtor. Some people advise not... Read more »

What will happen if you don't clean your dryer's lint filter?

Some of us are conscientious about cleaning our clothes dryer lint filter, while others not so much. After all, ignoring it after one cycle can’t be too bad, right? We’ll get to it next time, right? Unless we forget…

We’ve all read the same warnings about the Apocalypse that awaits us... Read more »

Which school serves the street where I want to live?

Let’s face it, most people consider school districts when they look for a home to buy or rent. A good elementary school and high school for your kids will guarantee acceptance to a great college, leading to a high-paying job, big house and enough money to pay for your nursing... Read more »

How can I break a lease if I really have to?

Before I begin, let’s make one thing clear: a lease is a contract, and it obligates a landlord to allow tenants to live on a property in exchange for rent in the amount covering the full term of the lease, not just month-to-month. I am in no way suggesting that... Read more »

Why on earth are you emailing me?

It’s not always a bad idea; let’s not get drastic. Let me explain.

In the beginning there were telephones. They were big and heavy and clunky and attached to a wall with a wire. To speak with a real estate agent, you had to call and hope that he or someone... Read more »

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