Greater Princeton homes for saleBeing a homeowner is exciting and fulfilling, but you may have all sorts of questions about maintaining your home and real estate in general. Browse my posts for tips and information that will help you answer many of your questions.

What’s the difference between a condo and a townhouse?

For many buyers, this seems hardly a question to ask—everybody knows what a condo is. And a townhouse. Or is it a townhome? Or town house? OK… maybe an explanation is in order.

When a couple asks me if a particular home is a condo or a townhouse, I usually reply,... Read more »

Stage Your Home like a Broadway Producer

You want to sell your house. Or maybe you just have judgmental company coming over whom you’d like to impress—perhaps a snooty acquaintance from your deep past or a mother-in-law. In either case, you wish to magically transform your home into a showplace befitting the cover of a lifestyle magazine... Read more »

Seven Steps to a Better Paint Job

Ever see a six-pack house? I have. As a real estate agent I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and showing hundreds of homes, and one in particular made my day, although not necessarily in a good way.

The owners had put the house on the market and decided that a fresh... Read more »

It Takes a (Peddler's) Village

Less than an hour’s drive west of Princeton, not far from the Delaware River on the Pennsylvania side, sits a most quaint and welcoming destination spot for young and old alike—Peddler’s Village, a theme park cleverly disguised as a shopping outlet. The truth is that no... Read more »

Do not ask your father for advice. Please.

Fathers are men, and men have an extra advice chromosome that women lack. Oh, I know, mothers are the ones always offering advice and opinions: Wear a sweater, it’s cold outside. The blue top matches the lovely shoes you just bought. Chicken soup will help with your cold. That Timmy,... Read more »

Balloons are like puppies.

In the course of my real estate business, I have developed an intimate knowledge of helium balloons. They’re an integral part of our marketing after all, those things we tie to Open House signs on Sundays to distract drivers and small children. I know more about balloons than most people... Read more »

Haunted Traffic Light on Route 1

OK, so maybe “haunted” is not quite the proper term. But in the spirit of Halloween, I can’t resist venting about the traffic light at the intersection of Route 1 and Ridge Road. Oh, it works just fine, all right. But altogether too fine in my experience.

I’ve been plying Route... Read more »

Reason Prevails in Kingston

Driving to work southbound down Mapleton Road in Kingston a few mornings ago, I came upon a construction squeeze in the road. Nothing serious, I foresaw only a brief delay on the lightly traveled road. But once I spied the reason for the work zone itself, my heart fairly soared... Read more »

Get Him to the (Real Estate) Blog

“You have to blog,” They said. “Everyone who’s anyone does it.” Besides, I’m a real estate agent—having a real estate blog is simply presumed, like having a snappy professional website and pretty business cards. Never mind that most agents’ cards feature barely passing likenesses that are only misty memories, photographs... Read more »

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