Each township and development has its own flavor and character. Follow the links below to explore rentals in a number of Greater Princeton townships and see homes available to lease. Then browse my resources for tenants here, which include a complete guide to renting that will answer all your questions.

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Is it possible to rent a home in Princeton?

Princeton archway

Princeton offers a wide array of rental options to residents who are either living within the township temporarily on work or educational assignments, or choose to make a home closer to Palmer Square to avail themselves of the many amenities offered in the downtown area.

Lease options range from studios overlooking Nassau Street in the heart of the borough to well-maintained duplexes within bicycling distance of downtown to million-dollar townhomes tucked away along Hullfish Street.

Expect rents in Princeton to reflect that township’s exclusive and desirable appeal. While reasonable leases can be had in the western section of the old borough, most of the sought-after homes start in the $3,000+ range and quickly escalate from there depending on the location and opulence of the residence.