Purchasing a home is a major event, in addition to being a legal contract that gives you the deed to your new castle. You will have many questions and many concerns, and should definitely get professional legal advice at every step of the way. Making the biggest purchase of your life calls for a professional to guide you.

It really is as difficult as it looks

Don’t think you need an attorney? Are you able to

• read the 17-page contract of sale and interpret every word and sentence?
• make necessary corrections to the contract that protect your interests?
• write a review letter to the opposing attorney arguing the changes you want made?
• communicate with the title company, lender and home inspector to discuss the sale?
• negotiate home inspection issues with the other attorney for your greatest benefit?
• deal with all the legal questions that will invariably pop up during the transaction?

Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish

Once the buyers and sellers have agreed on a purchase price and signed a corrected offer, reach out to an attorney with real estate experience who will take over from there and guide and advise you all the way to the closing table. An attorney’s fee is typically in the $900-$1,200 range, well worth the peace of mind and professional representation that you will be receiving.

If you are already in contact with a real estate attorney, great! If not, I can recommend several whom I have worked with and trust to take excellent care of you and your needs.

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