Greater Princeton homes for saleDo you really think that providing your address and a few facts is enough to calculate the value of your home?
Will a computer—or an agent—be able to tell, without seeing your home, how small details may make a huge difference in its value?

All homes are not created equal

Maybe you have

  • a gorgeous, upgraded kitchen and baths that would make Martha Stewart cry.
  • hardwood and marble floors that cost more than most condos.
  • a finished basement that boasts a wine cellar, lap pool and IMAX theater.
  • Or you have

  • a kitchen that was modeled after a 1950s TV show and still has a washing machine in it.
  • shag carpets that go well with the avocado Formica counters in the bathrooms.
  • a basement that sports a fine coat of mold, while mice drink from puddles on the floor.
  • Get an expert opinion

    An experienced, knowledgeable agent, who will visit your home, speak with you about all its glory and sins and carefully compare it with similar homes in the Multiple Listing System, will give you the only valid opinion regarding pricing strategy.

    Contact me. I’ve seen both pools and shag carpets in homes. You’ll never get a worthless Guesstimate® from me.