Click on the column headers to sort the table by street, development or school to find the corresponding South Brunswick elementary and middle school for your address. All students attend South Brunswick High School.
Brooks Crossing
Brunswick Acres
Indian Fields
Monmouth Junction
CR North – Crossroads North
CR South – Crossroads South
Brooks Crossing
Brunswick Acres
Indian Fields
Monmouth Junction
CR North – Crossroads North
CR South – Crossroads South
Abeel RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Academy StreetKingstonCambridgeCR South
Adams RoadTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Airdale DriveBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Aldrich RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Allison CourtMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Allston RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Amherst CourtHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Anderson WayCanterbury RidgeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Angelica CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Apple StreetOakdale VillageBrunswick AcresCR South
Appletree CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
April DriveWillow Hill SquareIndian FieldsCR South
Arbor CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Arbutus WayHeather Knolls EastMonmouth JunctionCR North
Arlene CourtMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Arrowwood LaneWynwood EstatesConstableCR North
Ash CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Aspen CourtWynwood EstatesConstableCR North
Aster WaySummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Augustine DriveNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
Autumn DriveWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Avenue ASouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Avenue BSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Avenue DSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Avenue FSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Azalea CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Banko Farm RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Barbara StreetBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Bard Drive NorthSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Bard Drive SouthSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Barkley CourtFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Barnard PlaceHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Barrett DriveBarrett Garden ApartmentsCambridgeCR South
Basin StreetKingstonCambridgeCR South
Bauer LaneThe OaksIndian FieldsCR South
Bayberry CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Beck CourtKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Bedford RoadKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Beech CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Beechwood CourtWynwood EstatesConstableCR North
Beekman Road (odd)South BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Beekman Road (even)South BrunswickGreenbrookCR South
Belford DrivePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Bellflower CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Bellflower Court WestPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Benjamin CourtDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Benson RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Bently DrivePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Berkshire DrivePrinceton Walk-Center VillageCambridgeCR South
Bernadette CircleThe GrandeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Berwick RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Beryl CourtKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Birch StreetMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Black Gum DriveHeather Knolls WestMonmouth JunctionCR North
Blackberry CoveWoodland MeadowsBrooks CrossingCR North
Blackhorse LaneSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Blair RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Blossom CircleSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Blue Jay CourtPoint of WoodsConstableCR North
Bouvier LaneEstates at Dunhams FarmIndian FieldsCR South
Boxwood DrivePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Brabson DriveMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Bradley CourtPrinceton HorizonsCambridgeCR South
Braemar DrivePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Brandt RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Breeze DriveSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Bret CourtNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
Brian CourtKingston TerraceCambridgeCR South
Briarwood CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Brittany WayBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Broadway RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Brook Drive EastKingstonCambridgeCR South
Brook Drive WestKingstonCambridgeCR South
Brook RoadSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Brookside MobileBrookside Mobile HomesBrunswick AcresCR South
Brookwood CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Bryn Mawr CourtHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Bucknell CourtHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Burnham CourtKendall ParkConstableCR North
Button Wood CourtRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Cactus WaySummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Caitlin CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Calvin RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Cambridge RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Camelot CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Campbell RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Campus DriveSouth BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Canterbury WayPrinceton Walk-Center VillageCambridgeCR South
Caraway CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Cardinal CourtBrunswick HeightsGreenbrookCR South
Carol StreetMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Carrie CourtNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
Carter Brook LaneHeathcoteCambridgeCR South
Casey DriveBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Catawba CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Catelli RoadKingston HillCambridgeCR South
Cedar CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Champlain RoadDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Charles CourtSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Chatham CourtIreland BrookBrooks CrossingCR North
Chelsea CourtKingston MeadowsBrooks CrossingCR North
Cherry StreetMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Cherry StreetOakdale VillageBrunswick AcresCR South
Cheryl CourtMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Chesapeake RoadDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Chipper DriveBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Chris CourtSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Christopher AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Circle DriveSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Clark CourtTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Cleveland LaneHeathcoteCambridgeCR South
Clinton CourtTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Clover CourtHeather Knolls WestMonmouth JunctionCR North
Clubhouse DriveSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Cobblestone CourtRidge ViewMonmouth JunctionCR North
Colleen CourtNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
Colonial RoadSouth BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Commerce Court NorthSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Commerce Court WestSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Commerce DriveSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Concord DriveTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Conner StreetThe GrandeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Constable RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Coriander DrivePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Corn RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Cotoneaster CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Cottonwood CourtWynwood EstatesConstableCR North
Country Woods DriveWoodland EstatesBrunswick AcresCR South
Courtside LanePrinceton Courtside EstatesCambridgeCR South
Crabapple CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Cranberry CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Cranbury-South River RoadSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Cranbury-South River RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Cranston RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Creekside CourtIreland BrookBrooks CrossingCR North
Crest Stone CirclePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Crestview DriveTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Cricket Hill CirclePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Crocus CourtSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Crossroads CourtWetherhill PlantationIndian FieldsCR South
Culver RoadDaytonIndian FieldsCR South
Cummings RoadFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Curtis CourtNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
Cuyler RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Cynthia CourtPrinceton HorizonsCambridgeCR South
Cypress CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Dahlia CircleSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Dana CourtPrinceton CourtCambridgeCR South
Daniel CourtNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
D'anton CourtSandhill Estates IIGreenbrookCR South
Darrow CourtKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
David CourtDayton SquareIndian FieldsCR South
Davidsons Mill RoadSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Dawn CourtMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Dawson RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Dayton WayWetherhill PlantationIndian FieldsCR South
Deans LaneSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Deans Pond Lane EastSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Deans Pond Lane WestSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Deans Rhode Hall RoadSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Debra DriveWillow Hill SquareIndian FieldsCR South
Declan CourtThe GrandeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Deerberry LaneWynwood EstatesConstableCR North
Deerfield TrailDeerfield EstatesIndian FieldsCR South
Degas DriveTamaron HollowMonmouth JunctionCR North
Delsey RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Dey RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Dickinson RoadTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Dillon RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Division StreetKingstonCambridgeCR South
Docks Corner RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Doe CourtWynwood EstatesConstableCR North
Donald AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Donner CourtFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Doran CourtTriangle ManorCambridgeCR South
Douglas DrivePrinceton WoodsCambridgeCR South
Dov PlaceBrunswick HeightsCambridgeCR South
Drexel Hill DriveTimber pondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Drinking Brook RoadDrinking Brook EstatesIndian FieldsCR South
Dundee RoadKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Dunhams Corner RoadSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Dunston LanePrinceton GateConstableCR North
Dutchess LaneKingston MeadowsBrooks CrossingCR North
Eagle CourtPoint of WoodsConstableCR North
Eamonn CourtKendall ParkConstableCR North
East Countryside DrivePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
East Garden WayEast Garden ApartmentsIndian FieldsCR South
East Gate DriveSouth BrunswickConstableCR North
Eastern DriveBrunswick HeightsCambridgeCR South
Eddie CourtEdward EstatesIndian FieldsCR South
Edith CourtDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Edwina CourtDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Eiker RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Eleanor DriveTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Elliott StreetDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Ellis CourtFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Elm CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Emerald RoadKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Erica CourtMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Erin CourtHighgate Manor AreaConstableCR North
Essex DrivePrinceton GateConstableCR North
Esther Drive EastDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Euclid AvenueKingstonCambridgeCR South
Fair Acres CourtFair AcresCambridgeCR South
Fairfield RoadKingstonCambridgeCR South
Falcongate DriveFalcongateBrooks CrossingCR North
Fernwood DriveSouth BrunswickConstableCR North
Fifth AvenueSouth BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Finnegans LaneSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
First AvenueFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Fisher CourtThe OaksIndian FieldsCR South
Fordham CourtHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Forest Court NorthPrinceton HillCambridgeCR South
Forest Court SouthPrinceton HillCambridgeCR South
Forrestal RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Fourth StreetSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Fox Hill RunFox HillMonmouth JunctionCR North
Foxcroft DrivePrinceton GateConstableCR North
Foxtail LaneWynwood EstatesConstableCR North
Fresh Ponds RoadSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Frieda LaneBrunswick HeightsCambridgeCR South
Friendship RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Gabriella CourtPrinceton Courtside EstatesCambridgeCR South
Gambocz CourtStonehedgeBrooks CrossingCR North
Gardenia CourtSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Garfield CourtDayton SquareIndian FieldsCR South
Gary CourtDayton SquareBrooks CrossingCR North
Gateway BoulevardHighgate Manor AreaConstableCR North
Georges Road (100-476)South BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Georges Road (541-981)South BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Georges Road (982-1036)South BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Gillian DriveTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Ginger CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Glen CourtFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Gould RoadSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Gramercy RoadGramercy EstatesMonmouth JunctionCR North
Green Ridge RoadGreen Ridge VillageMonmouth JunctionCR North
Green Shadow LaneSouth BrunswickConstableCR North
Greenlands BoulevardHickory RidgeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Greenview RoadSouth BrunswickConstableCR North
Greenwich CourtIreland BrookBrooks CrossingCR North
Greenwood AvenueKingstonCambridgeCR South
Gregory CourtSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Greyhound CourtBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Griggs DriveSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Gulicks LaneSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Hackberry CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Halsey RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Hamilton CourtTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Hancock DriveTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Hannah DriveDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Hanson CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Harmony LaneDrinking Brook EstatesIndian FieldsCR South
Harper RoadFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Harvest LaneHickory RidgeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Harvey RoadOaktree HomesBrooks CrossingCR North
Hastings RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Hawthorne RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Haypress RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Hazel CourtDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Heath RoadFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Heathcote RoadKingstonCambridgeCR South
Heather CourtMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Helen DriveDaytonIndian FieldsCR South
Hemlock CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Henderson RoadRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Henderson Road (10-131)South BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Herrod Boulevard (100-251)South BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Herrod Boulevard (300-333)South BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Heskers CourtRidge ViewMonmouth JunctionCR North
Hickory CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Hickory Ridge RoadHickory RidgeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Hillside AvenueMonmouth JunctionMonmouth JunctionCR North
Hodge RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Holder RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Holly CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Homestead LaneSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Independence WaySouth BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Interlaken CourtWexfordMonmouth JunctionCR North
Ireland Brook DriveIreland BrookBrooks CrossingCR North
Ironwood CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Isaac DriveDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Ivy WayWoodland MeadowsBrooks CrossingCR North
Jacob CourtHeritage GlenBrooks CrossingCR North
Jacques AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
James AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Jamie CourtMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Janet WayTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Jared BoulevardBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Jason StreetRegents SquareBrooks CrossingCR North
Jay CourtBrunswick HeightsCambridgeCR South
Jefferson CourtHeathcoteCambridgeCR South
Jefferson PlazaSouth BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Jeffery CircleRegents SquareBrooks CrossingCR North
Jennifer WayJunction Village EastMonmouth JunctionCR North
Jeremy DriveDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Jersey AvenueMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Jessie CourtJunction Village EastMonmouth JunctionCR North
Jill CourtMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Joan StreetBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Joann CourtMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Joda CourtWexfordMonmouth JunctionCR North
Joline RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Jonathan CourtPrinceton HorizonsCambridgeCR South
Jones DriveSouth BrunswickConstableCR North
Jordon WayJunction Village EastMonmouth JunctionCR North
Joseph CourtPrinceton GateConstableCR North
Joshua CourtSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Julia WayDaytonIndian FieldsCR South
Junction Pond LaneCrossroads of PrincetonMonmouth JunctionCR North
Juniper CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Justice CourtCarter Brook ManorCambridgeCR South
Kady LaneBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Kara BoulevardMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Karen StreetBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Kathy StreetBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Kayann DriveWillow Hill SquareIndian FieldsCR South
Kean CourtPrinceton WoodsCambridgeCR South
Keith CourtNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
Kelly WayThe GrandeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Kendall RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Kenneth AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Kimberly CourtPrinceton GateConstableCR North
Kings RoadWetherhill PlantationIndian FieldsCR South
Kingsland CirclePrinceton GateConstableCR North
Kingsley RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Kingston LaneSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Kingston Terrace RoadKingstonCambridgeCR South
Kohl StreetMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Kory DriveBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Kyle RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Labrador DriveBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Lackawanna CourtCulver StationIndian FieldsCR South
Lafayette DriveHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Lakeview AvenueKingstonCambridgeCR South
L'amour CourtLe Parc De DaytonIndian FieldsCR South
Langley RoadKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Larch DriveHeather Knolls EastMonmouth JunctionCR North
Larkspur DriveSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Larry CourtDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Laurel CourtRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Lavender DrivePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Leah CourtDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Leahy RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Lehigh DriveHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Lemon StreetOakdale VillageBrunswick AcresCR South
Leslie CirclePrinceton GateConstableCR North
Lexington RoadDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Liam CourtThe GrandeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Libby DriveCrossroads of PrincetonMonmouth JunctionCR North
Liberty DriveWetherhill PlantationIndian FieldsCR South
Lilac CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Lime StreetOakdale VillageBrunswick AcresCR South
Lincoln LaneDayton SquareIndian FieldsCR South
Linda CourtMonmouth WalkBrooks CrossingCR North
Locust CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Lois CourtPrinceton HorizonsCambridgeCR South
Long Bridge WayWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Lori DriveTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Lynette CourtNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
Madison PlaceDayton SquareIndian FieldsCR South
Magee LaneSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Magnolia CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Mahogany CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Maidstone CourtEstates at Dunhams FarmIndian FieldsCR South
Maine StreetMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Major RoadSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Mandon CourtPrinceton HorizonsCambridgeCR South
Maple AvenueMonmouth JunctionMonmouth JunctionCR North
Maple StreetMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Mapleton RoadKingstonCambridgeCR South
Marc DriveDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Margaret DriveDayton CenterIndian FieldsCR South
Maria CourtNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
Marigold CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Markus DriveBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Marvin RoadFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Mary StreetMonmouth JunctionMonmouth JunctionCR North
Matthew AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Maurice CourtCedar WoodsBrunswick AcresCR South
Mclean TerraceThe OaksIndian FieldsCR South
Meadow CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Melrich RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Michael AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Michelle CourtPrinceton Walk Northeast VillageCambridgeCR South
Mill LaneWetherhill PlantationIndian FieldsCR South
Miller RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Mimosa CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Miriam CourtDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Mocking Bird LaneWoodland MeadowsBrooks CrossingCR North
Molly CourtCrossroads of PrincetonMonmouth JunctionCR North
Monet CtTamaron HollowMonmouth JunctionCR North
Monica WayThe GrandeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Monmouth DriveMonmouth JunctionMonmouth JunctionCR North
Monroe CourtHeathcoteCambridgeCR South
Morning Glory CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Morris LaneThe OaksIndian FieldsCR South
Mulberry CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Muriel CourtPrinceton HorizonsCambridgeCR South
Musket DriveTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Nancy StreetBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Nassau RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Nectarine StreetOakdale VillageBrunswick AcresCR South
Nelson DriveThe OaksIndian FieldsCR South
New Road (1-203)Kendall ParkConstableCR North
New Road (122-202)South BrunswickCambridgeCR South
New Road (223-335)Monmouth JunctionBrooks CrossingCR North
New Road (2-68)South BrunswickCambridgeCR South
New Road (422-494)Monmouth JunctionIndian FieldsCR South
New Turkey Island RoadHeather Knolls EastMonmouth JunctionCR North
New York AvenueMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Newman RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Noel CourtMonmouth JunctionMonmouth JunctionCR North
North Hampton CirclePrinceton Walk-Middle VillageCambridgeCR South
North Village DrivePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Northumberland WaySouth BrunswickGreenbrookCR South
Northumberland WaySouth BrunswickGreenbrookCR South
Northview DriveSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Norton RoadFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Oak CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Oakdale VillageSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Oakey DriveBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Oaktree RoadOaktree HomesBrooks CrossingCR North
Oberman LaneOaktree HomesBrooks CrossingCR North
Ohio StreetMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Old Beekman RoadSouth BrunswickGreenbrookCR South
Old Davidson Mill RoadSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Old New RoadMonmouth JunctionMonmouth JunctionCR North
Old Ridge RoadMonmouth JunctionBrooks CrossingCR North
Old RoadSouth BrunswickConstableCR North
Olive StreetOakdale VillageBrunswick AcresCR South
Olsen CourtSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Orchardside DriveSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Orchid CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Oxford CourtHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Oxmoor LanePrinceton GateConstableCR North
Paine RoadDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Palm StreetMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Palmer RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Park Knoll CirclePrinceton Walk-Middle VillageCambridgeCR South
Parkview CourtIreland BrookBrooks CrossingCR North
Parson's RoadKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Patricia WayTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Patrick WayThe GrandeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Paul AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Peach StreetOakdale VillageBrunswick AcresCR South
Peach Tree CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Pear StreetOakdale VillageBrunswick AcresCR South
Pelham RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Penny Royal CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Periwinkle DriveHeather Knolls WestMonmouth JunctionCR North
Perrine RoadSouth BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Peter AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Pheasant RunHickory RidgeMonmouth JunctionCR North
Pierson StreetMonmouth JunctionMonmouth JunctionCR North
Pin Oak CourtEdgewood EstatesGreenbrookCR South
Pinter LaneSouth BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Plum StreetOakdale VillageBrunswick AcresCR South
Poe CourtKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Pointer PlaceBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Poplar CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Potomac RoadDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Primrose CirclePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Princeton Gate Blvd.Princeton GateConstableCR North
Princeton Walk Blvd NorthPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Princeton Walk Blvd SouthPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Prospect StreetKingstonCambridgeCR South
Providence BoulevardHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Pullman LoopCulver StationIndian FieldsCR South
Putnam RoadDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Pyne RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Quail Creek DrivePrinceton Walk-Middle VillageCambridgeCR South
Quentin RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Quincy CircleDayton SquareIndian FieldsCR South
Rachel CourtNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
Ragany LaneSouth BrunswickConstableCR North
Railroad AvenueKingstonCambridgeCR South
Raleigh RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Randall DrivePrinceton GateConstableCR North
Raphael DrTamaron HollowMonmouth JunctionCR North
Raymond RoadSouth BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Rebecca CourtDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Redwood CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Regal DriveRegal PointBrooks CrossingCR North
Renk Farm DriveDeerfield EstatesIndian FieldsCR South
Renoir DriveTamaron HollowMonmouth JunctionCR North
Residence InnSouth BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Revere RoadDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Richard RoadSouth BrunswickConstableCR North
Richford RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Ridge Road (100-319)South BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Ridge Road (320-476)South BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Ridge Road (478-547)South BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Ridge Road (527-547)South BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Ridge Road (582-614)South BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Ridge Road (616-805)South BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Ridge Road (809-928)South BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Ridge Road (938-1044)South BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Ritter RoadKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Riva AvenueSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Roberts StreetGreenbrookGreenbrookCR South
Robin RoadMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Rochelle DriveBrunswick HeightsGreenbrookCR South
Rockingham DriveDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Rocky Hill RoadPrinceton Walk Northeast VillageCambridgeCR South
Rolling CourtKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Ronna CourtNanci WoodsBrooks CrossingCR North
Rose StreetBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Rosebay CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Route 1 N (3720-4040)South BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Route 1 N (4042-4152)South BrunswickConstableCR North
Route 1 N (4154-4412)South BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Route 1 NorthSouth BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Route 1 S (3701-4039)South BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Route 1 S (4041-4127)South BrunswickGreenbrookCR South
Route 1 S (4129-4151)South BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Route 1 S (4153-4215)South BrunswickConstableCR North
Route 1 S (4217-4349)South BrunswickConstableCR North
Route 1 S (4353-4409)South BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Route 1 SouthSouth BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Route 130 N (2000-2312)South BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Route 130 N (2314-2558)South BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Route 130 S (2001-2307)South BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Route 130 S (2313-2645)South BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Route 27 N (3000-3206)South BrunswickBrunswick AcresCR South
Route 27 N (3222-3376)South BrunswickGreenbrookCR South
Route 27 N (3424-3510)South BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Route 27 N (3520-3860)South BrunswickConstableCR North
Route 27 N (4086-4284)South BrunswickConstableCR North
Route 27 N (4374-4492)South BrunswickCambridgeCR South
Rowland RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Royal Oaks CourtRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Rumson RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Russet RoadKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Ryan CourtJunction Village EastMonmouth JunctionCR North
Sage CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Samuel CourtDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Sandforest DrivePrinceton HillCambridgeCR South
Sandhill RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Sandhill RoadSouth BrunswickGreenbrookCR South
Sandlewood CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Sandor DriveCourtside EstatesCambridgeCR South
Sandpiper WayWoodland MeadowsBrooks CrossingCR North
Sarah CourtNanci WoodsBrooks CrossingCR North
Sassafras LaneWynwood EstatesConstableCR North
Sassman LaneKIngstonCambridgeCR South
Savage RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Scenic DriveSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Schalks Crossing RoadSouth BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Schoolhouse LaneSouth BrunswickConstableCR North
Schuh RoadKingstonCambridgeCR South
Scott CourtRegents SquareBrooks CrossingCR North
Scotto PlaceIndependence SquareIndian FieldsCR South
Scotts Corner RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Selma DriveSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Sequoia DriveSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Seth PlaceSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Setter PlaceBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Shadow Oaks CourtRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Shady LaneSilver BirchGreenbrookCR South
Shari WayCedar WoodsBrunswick AcresCR South
Shelley RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Shepherd WayBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Sherman StreetDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Signal CourtCulver StationIndian FieldsCR South
Silver Birch CourtSilver BirchCambridgeCR South
Somerset CourtPrinceton Walk-Center VillageCambridgeCR South
Southridge DriveSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Southridge Woods Blvd.Southridge WoodsBrooks CrossingCR North
Spaniel CourtBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Springdale RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Springwood CourtPrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Spruce LaneKingstonCambridgeCR South
Stadelman CourtWoodland EstatesBrunswick AcresCR South
Stafford RoadFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Stanford DriveHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Stanley AvenueDayton CenterBrooks CrossingCR North
Stanworth RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Starling RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Steven RoadKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Stillwell RoadKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Stockton RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Stouts LaneSouth BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Stults RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Sturgis RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Sugar Maple CourtRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Sullivan WayThe OaksIndian FieldsCR South
Summerfield BoulevardSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Summit DriveEstates at Dunhams FarmIndian FieldsCR South
Sumter WayTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Sunshine CourtBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Susan CourtNassau SquareBrunswick AcresCR South
Sutton PlaceEstates at Dunhams FarmIndian FieldsCR South
Sweet Briar CourtRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Sweetgum LaneWynwood EstatesConstableCR North
Sycamore CourtWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
Taft PlaceDayton SquareIndian FieldsCR South
Talia RoadBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Tamaron CourtTamaron WoodsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Tanglewood CourtRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Tanner DrivePrinceton Walk Northeast VillageCambridgeCR South
Taylor RoadHeathcoteCambridgeCR South
Terrier PlaceBeekman ManorGreenbrookCR North
Terry AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Texas AvenueMonmouth Mobile HomesGreenbrookCR South
Tiby PlaceOaktree HomesBrooks CrossingCR North
Tiffin RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Timberline CourtRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Timothy AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Toby DrivePrinceton GateConstableCR North
Tree Farm RoadFox HillMonmouth JunctionCR North
Tremain RoadDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Trestle WayCulver StationIndian FieldsCR South
Tufts CourtHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Tulip DriveSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Tulsa CourtWoodgateCambridgeCR South
Turkey Island RoadSouth BrunswickMonmouth JunctionCR North
Twin Oaks CourtRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Tyndall RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Tyne CourtKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Van Gogh CtTamaron HollowMonmouth JunctionCR North
Victoria WayTimber PondsBrunswick AcresCR South
Viking WayDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Village RoadWoodland EstatesBrunswick AcresCR South
Villanova DriveHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Vincent AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Vineyard LaneSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Virginia AvenueBrunswick AcresBrunswick AcresCR South
Walden Pond WayWalden PondMonmouth JunctionCR North
Waldorf DrivePrinceton Walk-Middle VillageCambridgeCR South
Waller CourtKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Walnut AvenueMonmouth JunctionMonmouth JunctionCR North
Warren CourtDayton GreensIndian FieldsCR South
Waverly PlaceWexford IIMonmouth JunctionCR North
Welcome Farm RoadFresh ImpressionsMonmouth JunctionCR North
Wellington Park DrivePrinceton Walk-Middle VillageCambridgeCR South
West Countryside DrivePrinceton WalkCambridgeCR South
Westminster PlaceWexford IIMonmouth JunctionCR North
Wetherhill WayWetherhill PlantationIndian FieldsCR South
Wexford DriveWexfordMonmouth JunctionCR North
Wharton CourtHighgate ManorConstableCR North
Wheeler RoadKendall ParkConstableCR North
Wheeling RoadSouth BrunswickIndian FieldsCR South
Whispering Woods BoulevardWhispering WoodsConstableCR North
White Oak CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
White Pine RoadSouth BrunswickBrooks CrossingCR North
Wildwood CourtRoyal OaksBrunswick AcresCR South
Williams StreetGreenbrookGreenbrookCR South
Willow RunWoodland MeadowsBrooks CrossingCR North
Wilson LaneBeekman EstatesGreenbrookCR South
Winant RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Wisteria CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Witchhazel CourtSouthridge HillsBrooks CrossingCR North
Woodbine RoadKendall ParkGreenbrookCR South
Woodgate DriveWoodgateCambridgeCR South
Woodhaven DriveDeans ApartmentsBrunswick AcresCR South
Woodland Way (1-33 Odd)Woodland MeadowsBrooks CrossingCR North
Woodland Way (2-42 Even)Woodland MeadowsBrooks CrossingCR North
Woodland Way (35-61 Odd)Regents SquareBrooks CrossingCR North
Woodland Way (44-66 Even)Regents SquareBrooks CrossingCR North
Woodrow RoadKendall ParkCambridgeCR South
Wynwood DriveWynwood EstatesConstableCR North
Yarrow CircleSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Yorktown RoadDeans Pond CrossingBrooks CrossingCR North
Zev CourtWoodgateCambridgeCR South
Zinnia CourtSummerfieldIndian FieldsCR South
Updated fall 2015