Greater Princeton homes for saleClick on the column headers to sort the table by street or school to find the corresponding Princeton elementary school for your address. All students attend John Witherspoon Middle School and Princeton High School.

Community Park
Johnson Park
Abernathy DriveLittlebrook
Adams DriveRiverside
Aiken AvenueRiverside
Alexander Street (1-114)Community Park
Alexander Street (115-441)Riverside
All Saints RoadLittlebrook
Allison RoadCommunity Park
Andrews LaneCommunity Park
Armour RoadCommunity Park
Armstrong DriveLittlebrook
Arreton RoadCommunity Park
Audubon LaneJohnson Park
Autumn Hill LaneLittlebrook
Autumn Hill RoadLittlebrook
Avery Lane (Housing Development)Community Park
Bainbridge StreetLittlebrook
Baker CourtLittlebrook
Balcort DriveCommunity Park
Baldwin LaneCommunity Park
Balsam LaneRiverside
Bank StreetCommunity Park
Barsky CourtCommunity Park
Basin StreetRiverside
Battle RoadJohnson Park
Battle Road CircleJohnson Park
Battle Road WestJohnson Park
Battlebrook RoadJohnson Park
Bayard LaneCommunity Park
Beatty Court (Russell Estates)Johnson Park
Beech Hill CircleLittlebrook
Beech Hollow Lane (The Preserve)Community Park
Benjamin Rush Lane (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
Berrien CourtJohnson Park
Bertrand DriveLittlebrook
Billie Ellis Lane (Griggs Farm)Littlebrook
Birch AvenueCommunity Park
Bogart CourtJohnson Park
Boudinot StreetCommunity Park
Bouvant DriveCommunity Park
Braeburn DriveLittlebrook
Branch AvenueCommunity Park
Brearly Road (Russell Estates)Johnson Park
Breckinridge Road (Russell Estates)Johnson Park
Brickhouse Road (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
Broadmead (101-129)Riverside
Broadmead (130 and up)Riverside
Broadripple DriveLittlebrook
Brooks BendJohnson Park
Brookstone DriveJohnson Park
Bullock Drive (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
Bunn Drive-Copperwood ApartmentsLittlebrook
Bunn Drive-Princeton Community VillageRiverside
Burr Drive (Campbell Woods)Littlebrook
Butler Avenue (Butler Tract)Riverside
Butternut Row (Princeton Community Village)Riverside
Caldwell DriveLittlebrook
Cameron Court (Queenston Commons)Littlebrook
Campbell Woods Way (Campbell Woods)Littlebrook
Campbelton CircleCommunity Park
Campbelton RoadCommunity Park
Carnahan PlaceCommunity Park
Carnegie DriveRiverside
Carriage WayJohnson Park
Castle Howard CourtRiverside
Cedar Lane (1-119)Riverside
Cedar Lane (127 and up)Riverside
Chambers StreetCommunity Park
Charlton StreetRiverside
Cherry Hill RoadCommunity Park
Cherry Valley Road (2-416 Even Numbers)Community Park
Cherry Valley Road (418-786 Even Numbers)Johnson Park
Chestnut StreetCommunity Park
Christopher Drive (Ettl Farm)Johnson Park
Clarke Court (Russell Estates)Johnson Park
Clay StreetJohnson Park
Clearview AvenueLittlebrook
Cleveland LaneCommunity Park
Clover LaneLittlebrook
College RoadCommunity Park
Concord LaneLittlebrook
Coniston Court (Pond View)Johnson Park
Constitution DriveJohnson Park
Constitution Hill-East and WestJohnson Park
Copperwood Apartments (off Bunn Drive)Littlebrook
Cordova RoadLittlebrook
Coventry RoadCommunity Park
Cradle Rock Road (Rushbrook Development)Johnson Park
Crestview DriveCommunity Park
Crooked Tree LaneLittlebrook
Cuyler RoadCommunity Park
David Brearly Court (Griggs Farm)Littlebrook
Davies DriveCommunity Park
Deer PathLittlebrook
Dempsey AvenueCommunity Park
Derwent Drive (Pond View)Johnson Park
Devereux Avenue (Butler Tract)Riverside
Dickinson StreetCommunity Park
Dodds LaneLittlebrook
Dogwood HillLittlebrook
Dogwood LaneRiverside
Dorann AvenueLittlebrook
Drakes Corner RoadJohnson Park
Duffield PlaceCommunity Park
Earle Lane (Einstein Apartments-Institute)Littlebrook
Edgehill StreetJohnson Park
Edgerstoune RoadJohnson Park
Edwards PlaceCommunity Park
Eisenhower Street (Butler Tract)Riverside
Elm LaneJohnson Park
Elm Road (Even Numbers)Johnson Park
Elm Road (Odd Numbers)Community Park
Erdman AvenueLittlebrook
Esther (Housing Development)Community Park
Ettl Circle (Ettl Farm)Johnson Park
Evelyn PlaceCommunity Park
Evergreen CircleRiverside
Ewing StreetCommunity Park
Faculty RoadRiverside
Fairway DriveJohnson Park
Farrand Road (Russell Estates)Johnson Park
Finley RoadJohnson Park
Firestone CourtRiverside
Fisher AvenueLittlebrook
Fitch WayCommunity Park
Fitzrandolph RoadRiverside
Fleming Way (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
Flexner Lane (Einstein Apartments-Institute)Littlebrook
Florence LaneCommunity Park
Forester DriveRiverside
Foulet DriveCommunity Park
Franklin Avenue (277-345 Odd Numbers)Community Park
Franklin Avenue (All Other Numbers)Littlebrook
Frederick CourtJohnson Park
Gallup RoadJohnson Park
Garrett LaneCommunity Park
George Drive (Arcaro/Field Wood)Community Park
Glen DriveCommunity Park
Goldman Lane (Einstein Apartments-Institute)Littlebrook
Gordon Way (Queenston Commons)Littlebrook
Governors LaneLittlebrook
Grasmere Way (Pond View)Johnson Park
Great Road-East and WestJohnson Park
Great Road (Even Numbers)Johnson Park
Great Road (Odd Numbers)Community Park
Green Shadows LaneLittlebrook
Green StreetCommunity Park
Greenbrier Row (Princeton Community Village)Riverside
GreenholmCommunity Park
Greenhouse CourtJohnson Park
Greenhouse DriveJohnson Park
Greenland Court (Russell Estates)Johnson Park
Greenview AvenueCommunity Park
Greenway TerraceJohnson Park
Griggs Drive (Griggs Farm)Littlebrook
Grover AvenueLittlebrook
Gulick RoadLittlebrook
Guyot AvenueCommunity Park
Hageman LaneJohnson Park
Hale Drive (Heatherstone)Johnson Park
Halsey Street (Butler Tract)Riverside
Hamilton Avenue (1-199)Community Park
Hamilton Avenue (200 and up)Littlebrook
Hardy DriveCommunity Park
Harriet DriveLittlebrook
Harris RoadCommunity Park
Harrison Lane (Butler Tract)Riverside
Harrison Street-North (1-167 Odd Numbers)Littlebrook
Harrison Street-North (181-491 Odd Numbers)Littlebrook
Harrison Street-North (182-492 Even Numbers)Community Park
Harrison Street-North (2-168 Even Numbers)Community Park
Harrison Street-SouthRiverside
Hartley AvenueRiverside
Haslet AvenueJohnson Park
Hawthorne AvenueCommunity Park
Heather LaneJohnson Park
Hemlock CircleRiverside
Henderson AvenueCommunity Park
Henry AvenueCommunity Park
Herrontown CircleLittlebrook
Herrontown LaneLittlebrook
Herrontown RoadLittlebrook
Hibben RoadJohnson Park
Hickory CourtCommunity Park
Highland Terrace (The Preserve)Community Park
Hillside AvenueCommunity Park
Hillside RoadCommunity Park
Hilltop DriveCommunity Park
Hodge RoadCommunity Park
Hornor LaneLittlebrook
Houghton RoadCommunity Park
Howe CircleRiverside
Hulfish StreetCommunity Park
Humbert LaneCommunity Park
Humbert PlaceCommunity Park
Humbert StreetCommunity Park
Hun RoadJohnson Park
Hunt DriveJohnson Park
Hunter RoadCommunity Park
Hutchinson Drive (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
Independence DriveJohnson Park
Iris LaneCommunity Park
Ivy LaneRiverside
James CourtCommunity Park
Jefferson RoadCommunity Park
John Street (120-258)Johnson Park
John Street (260 and up)Community Park
Jonathan Dayton Court (Griggs Farm)Littlebrook
Journeys End LaneLittlebrook
Juniper Row (Princeton Community Village)Riverside
Karin CourtLittlebrook
Katies Pond Road (Rushbrook Development)Johnson Park
Kimberly CourtCommunity Park
King Street (Butler Tract)Riverside
Knoll DriveRiverside
Lafayette CourtJohnson Park
Lafayette RoadCommunity Park
Lafayette Road WestJohnson Park
Lake DriveRiverside
Lake LaneRiverside
Lambert DriveJohnson Park
Laurel CircleCommunity Park
Laurel RoadCommunity Park
Lawrence Drive (Lawrence Apartments)Littlebrook
Lawrenceville Road (611-974)Johnson Park
Leabrook LaneLittlebrook
Leavitt LaneLittlebrook
Leicester Court (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
Leigh AvenueCommunity Park
Leonard CourtJohnson Park
Leslie Court (Russell Estates)Johnson Park
Library PlaceCommunity Park
Lilac LaneCommunity Park
Lincoln CourtCommunity Park
Linden LaneCommunity Park
Linwood CircleLittlebrook
Littlebrook RoadLittlebrook
Locust LaneLittlebrook
Longview DriveRiverside
Loomis CourtCommunity Park
Lovers LaneJohnson Park
Lowery RoadJohnson Park
Lytle StreetJohnson Park
Maclean CircleRiverside
Maclean StreetJohnson Park
Madison StreetCommunity Park
Magnolia LaneLittlebrook
Maidenhead Road (Arcaro/Field Wood)Community Park
Mansgrove RoadCommunity Park
Maple StreetCommunity Park
Margerums CourtJohnson Park
Marion Road-East and WestLittlebrook
Markham RoadRiverside
Marshall Street (Butler Tract)Riverside
Mason DriveRiverside
Maxwell LaneJohnson Park
Mayberry HillLittlebrook
McComb Road (Campbell Woods)Littlebrook
McCosh CircleRiverside
Meadowbrook DriveLittlebrook
Meetinghouse Court (Arcaro/Field Wood)Community Park
Mercer RoadJohnson Park
Mercer StreetJohnson Park
Meritt Lane (Einstein Apartments-Institute)Littlebrook
Mershon Drive (Queenston Commons)Littlebrook
Michelle Mews (Housing Development)Community Park
Monroe LaneLittlebrook
Montadale CircleCommunity Park
Montadale DriveCommunity Park
Monument DriveJohnson Park
Moore StreetCommunity Park
Moran AvenueCommunity Park
Morgan PlaceCommunity Park
Morse Lane (Einstein Apartments-Institute)Littlebrook
Morven PlaceCommunity Park
Mountain AvenueCommunity Park
Mt. Lucas Road (1-300)Community Park
Mt. Lucas Road (All Other Numbers)Littlebrook
Mulberry Row (Princeton Community Village)Riverside
Murray PlaceRiverside
Nassau InnCommunity Park
Nassau Street (159-461 Odd Numbers)Riverside
Nassau Street (2-342 Even Numbers)Community Park
Nassau Street (344-462 Even Numbers)Littlebrook
Neil Court (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
Newlin RoadJohnson Park
North RoadJohnson Park
Oakland StreetCommunity Park
Oakridge Court (The Preserve)Community Park
Ober RoadJohnson Park
Old Orchard LaneLittlebrook
Olden LaneJohnson Park
Olden StreetRiverside
Oppenheimer Lane (Einstein Apartments-Institute)Littlebrook
Orchard CircleCommunity Park
Overbrook DriveLittlebrook
Palmer Square-East, South and WestCommunity Park
Panofsky Lane (Einstein Apartments-Institute)Littlebrook
Pardee CircleJohnson Park
Pardoe RoadCommunity Park
Park PlaceCommunity Park
Parkside DriveJohnson Park
Patton AvenueRiverside
Paul Robeson PlaceCommunity Park
Peck PlaceRiverside
Pelham StreetRiverside
Pettit PlaceCommunity Park
Pheasant Hill RoadJohnson Park
Philip DriveRiverside
Pine StreetCommunity Park
Poe RoadLittlebrook
Poor Farm RoadLittlebrook
Potters Run (Heatherstone)Johnson Park
Preservation PlaceJohnson Park
Preserve Drive (The Preserve)Community Park
Pretty Brook RoadJohnson Park
Prince William CourtRiverside
Princeton AvenueRiverside
Princeton-Kingston Road (463-1115 Odd Numbers)Riverside
Princeton-Kingston Road (464-1108 Even Numbers)Littlebrook
Prospect AvenueRiverside
Province Line Road (Odd Numbers)Johnson Park
Puritan CourtJohnson Park
Quaker RoadJohnson Park
Quarry LaneCommunity Park
Quarry StreetJohnson Park
Queenston PlaceCommunity Park
Race StreetCommunity Park
Randall RoadLittlebrook
Random RoadLittlebrook
Red Hill RoadCommunity Park
Red Oak Row (Princeton Community Village)Riverside
Redding CircleLittlebrook
Regatta RowRiverside
Richard CourtCommunity Park
Ridgeview CircleCommunity Park
Ridgeview RoadCommunity Park
River RoadLittlebrook
Riverside DriveRiverside
Robert RoadRiverside
Rodney Court (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
Rolling MeadLittlebrook
Roper RoadLittlebrook
Rosedale LaneJohnson Park
Rosedale RoadJohnson Park
Ross Stevenson CircleLittlebrook
Running Cedar Road (Rushbrook Development)Johnson Park
Russell RoadJohnson Park
Sassafras Row (Princeton Community Village)Riverside
Scott LaneLittlebrook
Scribner Court (Russell Estates)Johnson Park
Sergeant StreetRiverside
Shady Brook LaneLittlebrook
Shirley CourtCommunity Park
Snowden LaneLittlebrook
Southern WayRiverside
Spring StreetCommunity Park
Springdale RoadJohnson Park
Spruce Circle (Senior Resource Center-no children)n/a
Spruce LaneCommunity Park
Spruce StreetCommunity Park
St. Clair Court (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
Stanley AvenueLittlebrook
Stanworth Drive-East, North and SouthCommunity Park
Stanworth LaneCommunity Park
State Road (1-270 Even and Odd Numbers)Community Park
State Road (298-870 Even Numbers)Community Park
State Road (351-883 Odd Numbers)Littlebrook
Stetson WayJohnson Park
Stockton Street (63-199 Odd Numbers)Community Park
Stockton Street (All Other Numbers)Johnson Park
Stone Cliff Road (Ettl Farm)Johnson Park
Stonehouse DriveJohnson Park
Stonewall CircleCommunity Park
Stony Brook LaneJohnson Park
Stuart CloseJohnson Park
Stuart RoadCommunity Park
Stuart Road-EastLittlebrook
Stuart Road-WestJohnson Park
Sturges WayRiverside
Sycamore RoadRiverside
Talbot LaneRiverside
Tarkington Court (Russell Estates)Johnson Park
Tee-Ar PlaceLittlebrook
Terhune Road (1-241)Community Park
Terhune Road (301 and Up)Littlebrook
Thanet RoadJohnson Park
Trewbridge Court (Arcaro/Field Wood)Community Park
Tulane Street-North and SouthCommunity Park
Tupelo Row (Princeton Community Village)Riverside
Turner CourtCommunity Park
Tyson LaneLittlebrook
University PlaceCommunity Park
Valley RoadCommunity Park
Van Dyke RoadLittlebrook
Van Marter Court (Arcaro/Field Wood)Community Park
Vandeventer AvenueCommunity Park
Veblen CircleJohnson Park
Vernon CircleRiverside
Victoria Mews (Housing Development)Community Park
Von Neumann Drive (Einstein Apartments-Institute)Johnson Park
Vreeland Court (Russell Estates)Johnson Park
Walker Drive (Ettl Circle)Johnson Park
Walnut LaneCommunity Park
Warren Court (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
Washington RoadRiverside
Wendover DriveJohnson Park
West Drive (Karin Court)Littlebrook
West Drive (Lawrence Apartments)Littlebrook
Westcott CourtJohnson Park
Westcott RoadCommunity Park
Westerly RoadCommunity Park
Western WayRiverside
Weyl Lane (Einstein Apartments-Institute)Littlebrook
Wheatsheaf LaneLittlebrook
White Oak DriveCommunity Park
White Pine LaneLittlebrook
Wiggins StreetCommunity Park
Wilkinson Way (Washington Oaks)Johnson Park
William Livingston Court (Griggs Farm)Littlebrook
William Paterson Court (Griggs Farm)Littlebrook
William StreetRiverside
Willow StreetCommunity Park
Wilson RoadCommunity Park
Wilton StreetRiverside
Winant RoadJohnson Park
Windermere Way (Pond View)Johnson Park
Winfield RoadJohnson Park
Witherspoon LaneCommunity Park
Witherspoon Street (108-254 Even Numbers)Johnson Park
Witherspoon Street (All Other Numbers)Community Park
Witherspoon TerraceCommunity Park
Wittmer CourtLittlebrook
Woodland DriveCommunity Park
Woods WayLittlebrook
Woodside LaneRiverside
Worths Mill Lane (Heatherstone)Johnson Park

Updated fall 2015