East Brunswick
East Brunswick is a sprawling township bounded roughly by Routes 1 and 18 and County Road 615. North and South Brunswick lie to its west, and these three municipalities share much of the same flavor.

While most people associate East Brunswick with the hustle and bustle of the commercial area lining Route 18, the township is actually home to large housing developments and lush areas of green. There is an established feel to the municipality, although a good number of elegant homes have been constructed there recently, especially in the Farrington Lake area. Someone looking to find a home in East Brunswick will have a wide array of choices, as condos, townhouses, smaller homes and large mansions are all available.

East Brunswick is one of the very few municipalities in Central Jersey to boast its own water park, and there is no lack of parks, playgrounds and sporting facilities in the township. At any given time one will find a fair number of fishermen trying their luck at various points along Farrington Lake.

Route 18 is synonymous with shopping in the township. Large malls with major anchor stores and dozens of strip malls offer residents and visitors a wide array of merchandise and foodstuffs to purchase. East Brunswick has a highly regarded school system as well, which attracts residents and sets the tone for the community.

Commuting from East Brunswick to just about anywhere is easy. A bus terminal routes traffic into New York City, the New Jersey Turnpike cuts through the township, and plentiful east-west and north-south highways connect to various parts of New Jersey.