I started this blog with the intent of creating a hybrid site where I could engage my real estate clients while indulging my innate desire to put Stuff down in words. The real estate part is coming along nicely; it will be quite functional once completed. The blogging thing, still in its infancy, is showing signs of trouble. Like giving my beloved Archie a foot-long bone and saying, “Here, lick this twice and put it away for later.” Right.

I read somewhere that the average blog post is about 250 to 500 words long; a good number are considerably shorter. I just saw one with a single sentence and a link to Elsewhere. The post on Subway Wars I just published, on the other hand, comes in at a corpulent 2,100 words. Yikes.

OK, I get it. Blogs are individual, there is no Miss Pencilpoint looking over shoulders, ready to pounce on grammar and word length transgressions. It becomes a matter of what end am I seeking. Do I want readers to nibble on an appetizer or amuse-bouche on their iPhone? Or do I want them to tuck into a five-course feast on their Kindle? I want both.

I have neither a Kindle nor an iPhone, those are generic analogies. I check posts, tweets and college football scores on my trusty Android-fueled smartphone, but that is neither here nor there. The point is that my blog will reflect whatever my muse is inspiring me with at the moment. Hopefully those who stumble upon my bite-sized nuggets will be intrigued enough to poke around the mini-novellas I publish now and again. Sounds like a plan.

277 words. Woo.

Bo Twerdowsky

Real estate agent, self-professed computer geek, grammar policeman, proud father of two. Opinionated, questioning, intolerant of stuffy sorts devoid of a sense of humor.

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  1. Zack Sylvan

    Never thought I’d (EVER) says this but it’s hard to cram your opinions into a pint-sized blurp. I was always cutting it close on the page limits in high school, increasing font size, adding line spacing, etc. Blogging? Completely different world. Short and sweet, packs a punch, leaves you coming back for more. That’s it.

    1. Bo

      I agree with you 100%, which is why I threw the penalty flag on myself after only three posts. A blog is like the server walking around at a party with a tray of hors d’oeuvres. They’re not meant to make you full and ready for a nap. But I do have ideas for longer essays and stories in mind; I’ll sprinkle those in to satisfy my itch to write.

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