Posted 22 days into the Russo-Ukrainian war

President Zelensky clearly is an intelligent man. He’s proven this, and his ability to effectively communicate with the citizens of Ukraine, world leaders and citizens of other countries is remarkable. So why is he incessantly asking NATO to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine?

A no-fly zone is not the answer

Su-35 FightersThe rationale against imposing a no-fly zone is crystal clear: enforcing one would inevitably result in a direct Russia-NATO confrontation, which may expose Europe and the United States to Putin’s nuclear retaliation. Or as some have bluntly put it, WWIII.

There’s another logical fallacy in asking for a no-fly zone: If effective, it would ground Russia’s air force, but not its long-range missiles and artillery. However, it would also ground Ukraine’s fleet of drones, which have been extremely effective so far in destroying Russian targets.

Surely Zelensky and his military advisers understand this. So why the constant requests for a no-fly zone at every turn?

But there may be other, even better options

I suspect that it’s a wise use of subliminal pressure. The world at large is flooded with the notion, however incorrect, that not enough is being done to help Ukraine militarily, and NATO is holding back on what Ukraine really needs to turn the tide. This pressure on government leaders may quietly be feeding their willingness to provide Ukraine with support that is *even more effective* than imposing a no-fly zone, while flying under the radar of news reports and public scrutiny.

Maybe that support is already there, and Zelensky is signaling that more is better.

There are many moving parts in a military engagement, especially one in which so much is at stake. President Zelensky knows this. NATO and other military leaders know this. Getting a sledgehammer by loudly calling for a wrench may be Zelensky’s shrewdest move yet.

I could be wrong, of course. I hope not.

Bo Twerdowsky

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