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You can call me a real rambler—a real estate agent working out of RE/MAX Preferred Professionals, serving a healthy chunk of Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset Counties. As a resident of Central Jersey since 1984, I offer my clients a wealth of knowledge about each township as well as the flavor of every development and community.

Buying, selling or renting a home is an emotional experience. Nothing comes close to deciding where you will live for the next year or much longer. Parting with a home where you have spent a good part of your life can be even more traumatic.

I don’t sell and rent homes off a shelf; I believe that it’s important to establish a relationship with my clients, a level of trust and understanding that will make them feel confident about their decisions. Based on the many positive reactions I’ve received, I know that my efforts have been largely successful.

I’ve incorporated a good amount of real estate information in this website, hopefully enough to inform prospective buyers, sellers and renters and convince them that working with me will be a smooth, pleasant and professional experience. If you read my blog posts, you will know that I am casual, like you. Greater Princeton homes for saleI am well-informed, which you will appreciate. And I will be professional in my interactions with you, other real estate agents, attorneys and everyone else involved in a transaction. I simply believe that professionalism and a sense of humor are not mutually exclusive.

Not that this site is strictly about real estate. Truth be told, many of my blog musings are on any conceivable topic that strikes my fancy, a real ramble offering my slightly offbeat and whimsical point of view. Of course, there are posts on topics near and dear to the hearts of prospective home buyers, renters and sellers. Just don’t expect dry; that’s not my style. Expect an honest opinion, to be informed and mayhaps amused.

Browse the Real Ramble website at your leisure, then give me a shout. If you want to know more about me, view my LinkedIn profile. I tweet as well. Sometimes.

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“There’s more to buying a home than just searching for a home.”